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Helping You Make The Right Guardianship And Powers Of Attorney Decisions

A guardianship allows for a court-appointed adult to manage the affairs of another individual. Powers of attorney allow for that adult to make decisions regarding health care and finances. In either instance, you are allowing one individual to make decisions for someone else. There is a need for great care when creating guardianships and preparing powers of attorney documentation.

An attorney at Rouse Law Office will work closely with you in setting up a guardianship. They will prepare a powers of attorney document best meeting your circumstances. We have been assisting North Carolina residents regarding such matters for over 40 years.

The Services We Provide

Our attorney can provide a number of services and help you create a variety of documents in helping manage affairs. This includes:

  • Setting up of legal guardianships
  • Creation of healthcare powers of attorney
  • Review and preparation of durable powers of attorney in making vital financial determinations for an elderly individual

Creating A Legal Guardianship

Guardianships are ideal in circumstances when an individual is unable to take care of their own affairs. It can help protect the individual’s finances and belongings from loss or theft. It provides reassurance for family members concerning the needs of the loved one.

Our Goldsboro lawyer has extensive experience helping individuals and families create a guardianship. We create guardianships protecting minor children, incapacitated adults and children who do not have parents. We also provide advice and guidance to guardians regarding management of the estate and filings of accountings. Our lawyer can also assist in resolving guardianship disputes.

The Importance Of Powers Of Attorney Documents

While powers of attorney allow for someone else to make legal determinations concerning health care and finances, it is important to draft these documents correctly. It is possible to create durable powers of attorney concerning financial matters such as real estate transactions, paying off debts, filing of tax returns and managing retirement plans.

Powers of attorney are helpful in allowing for someone else to make health care decisions when a person is unable to make such decisions themselves. As this may concern decisions regarding maintaining of life support or the need for surgery, it is important to make wise choices when preparing such documents.

Healthcare Powers Of Attorney And Durable Powers Of Attorney

Creation of healthcare powers of attorney and durable powers of attorney allow for trusted friends and family members to make vital medical determinations for you when you are no longer able to make such determinations for yourself.

The attorney and staff and Rouse Law Office help with the difficult decisions that come along with creating guardianships and creating powers of attorney documents. To contact our law office and set up an initial consultation, please call 800-856-4296 or send us an email.