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At Rouse Law Office, we know that matters in estates are more than just legal issues for you — they involve your life, your future and your family.

The Sorts Of Representation We Provide

Under the direction of attorney David Rouse, we are here to offer intelligent legal options and supportive service to address a wide range of estate matters, including:

  • Wills and trusts: Whether you are a young couple just starting a family, or approaching retirement and thinking about the future of your estate, it is always the right time to create a will. We can help identify your legal goals and establish a will or a trust that is in line with your needs. Attorney David Rouse can also help you review your will as needed to address any significant life change. This includes review and preparation of your will and creation of necessary trusts such as special needs trusts.
  • Special needs trusts: Creation of a special needs trust permits the putting of money aside for the needs of minor children or adult children with disabilities. Such a trust makes possible having specific funds available for that child’s needs.
  • Powers of attorney: Our law firm can help you designate a personal representative for a time in the future when you may no longer be able to make decisions for yourself.
  • Durable powers of attorney and healthcare powers of attorney: A durable power of attorney allows another person to make financial decisions on your behalf, and a healthcare power of attorney allows an individual to make important decisions regarding your medical care.
  • Estate administration: After the death of a loved one, our law firm can help you address the administrative tasks associated with the estate. From paying creditors and notifying beneficiaries to representation in the probate process, we handle the legal details so you and your family can focus on healing.
  • Medicaid planning: Medicaid strategies are required in the protection of your assets. It is especially important to apply for Medicaid when paying for nursing home care. Without such planning, you may face denial concerning your request for your Medicaid benefits. We will work with you to minimize penalties regarding Medicaid and maximize your savings.
  • Guardianships: We help our clients establish guardianships for minor children as well as elderly or incapacitated adults who do not have the mental faculties to make decisions for themselves. We can assist with all aspects of court petitions, coordination with medical professionals and maintaining financial records for court accounting.
  • Name changes: There are many reasons individuals seek to have a legal name change. Many were never truly satisfied with their birth name. Others wish to take on the last name of someone who raised them. And some wish to change the name of their young child. Regardless of your motives, a legal name change can be a straightforward and efficient process when working with a qualified lawyer. Attorney David Rouse will help you navigate the process to secure your desired name.

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If you face an estate issue in North Carolina, contact attorney David Rouse at 800-856-4296. As an experienced Goldsboro will and estate lawyer, he is ready to help you address your legal matter.

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