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Why You Want A Will

You should not leave your long-term financial planning to chance. Should you die without a valid will, the assets of your estate may end up distributed to unintended beneficiaries. Without a trust to shield assets from taxes and expenses, you risk losing everything you have.

At Rouse Law Office, our attorney and staff take the necessary action to protect everything for which you worked so hard to obtain. We listen to your concerns and create wills and trusts that meet your individual circumstances. In the event of life changes, we will modify documentation to address current needs.

Why Having A Will Is Important

Young and old alike should have a will in place. A will puts into writing your wishes regarding distribution of your belongings. A well-written will specifically states who gets what.

During recent years, the makeup of families has become more complex. More parents are remarrying or raising stepchildren. Many choose to adopt. Often, individuals are raising children with special needs.

Unfortunately, unclear provisions in the will can ultimately lead to will contests and disputes among family members. Our skilled estate planning lawyer can review or prepare well-drafted wills that comply with North Carolina requirements. We can also advise you on what a will can and cannot do when it comes to protecting your assets.

Is Your Will Covering The Essentials?

While it should, of course, include all your assets, it also should serve as a kind of master list, where your executor can go to find all the relevant information they need. In addition to naming guardians for your children and listing any heirs you have, your will should include vital information, such as:

  • A full list of the important people in your life, like your children and spouse
  • Dates of import, like dates of births and marriages, including a full marital history
  • A list of your assets, including any insurance policies as well as trusts and information on relevant beneficiaries, trustees and terms
  • Any “what-if” scenarios, like how to manage your will in the case of a divorce or the passing of an heir

Your will does many things. Our firm helps ensure that it does its job well.

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