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Make The Right Decisions About Guardianship

A guardianship allows for a court-appointed adult to manage the affairs of another individual. With guardianship, you are allowing one individual to make decisions for someone else. There is a need for great care when creating guardianships, given the authority they grant an individual.

Our attorney at Rouse Law Office will work closely with you in setting up a guardianship and making sure it is clearly outlined in your will to ensure that the ward of the guardianship is taken care of per your wishes. We will prepare a power of attorney document that meets your circumstances. Attorney David Rouse has been assisting North Carolina residents regarding such matters for more than 50 years.

Creating A Legal Guardianship

A guardianship is ideal in circumstances when an individual is unable to take care of their own affairs. It can help protect the individual’s finances and belongings from loss or theft. It provides reassurance for family members concerning the needs of the loved one.

Our lawyer has extensive experience helping individuals and families create guardianships. They protect minor children, incapacitated adults and children who do not have parents. We also provide advice and guidance to guardians regarding the management of the estate and filings of accountings. Our lawyer can also assist in resolving guardianship disputes.

A guardianship is a complex legal instrument that requires court proceedings. In some situations, it may be far less stressful and expensive to use a power of attorney instrument to provide for some individuals.

To employ a power of attorney, the individual needs to agree to the creation of the grant of authority in the power of attorney. This is why planning in advance before an individual becomes legally incapacitated can be far more cost-effective. Our attorney can explain when this is appropriate and whether it could work in your specific circumstances.

Contact Us For Assistance With A Guardianship

Choosing to create a guardianship for a loved one is not an easy decision, and you should be careful to make the right choice. Our attorney and staff at Rouse Law Office help with the difficult decisions that come along with creating guardianships. We hold your hand through the process and make sure you understand the full ramifications of every decision. We are here to stand by your side. Call us today at 800-856-4296 or send us an email.