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Will I Lose My License? My Job?

North Carolina punishes drunk driving with a heavy hand. Even a first-time offender faces major penalties. There are steep fines, the suspension of your driver’s license, the establishment of a criminal record and, possibly, jail time. Repeat offenders face harsher punishments, including permanent license revocation and asset forfeiture.

Such hardships affect all areas of your life. Losing the privilege to drive can make it difficult to get to or from your job. A criminal record will make it difficult to find employment in the first place. This is especially crucial if you hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL); a CDL DUI effectively prohibits your ability to drive and to work.

A Knowledgeable Lawyer Can Help Restore Your Rights

In many situations, a criminal defense attorney will be able to reduce the penalties associated with a DUI/DWI, and at times negate them completely. Keith Rouse, who leads our firm’s criminal defense practice, has extensive experience defending clients facing drunk driving charges in Eastern North Carolina.

Keith will meet with you and discuss the circumstances of your case extensively. He will make sure you understand the charges you face, and what your options are. As your case proceeds, Keith will examine every aspect of the state’s charges against you — the initial stop, the sobriety test, the filing of charges. He will be prepared to discredit any questionable part of the procedure and will look forward to trying the case.

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